Our Products


Education loan

Vortex Investment PLC provides Education Loans for studies both in Sri Lanka and Abroad with flexible repayment tenures and quick loan disbursal.

Micro Loan

Vortex's Micro Loans are a short-term financing option that extends a small quantum of loans to entities like small businesses, self-employed individual start-ups, etc.

Vehicle Loan

Vortex's vehicle loan offers attractive benefits to both salaried and self-employed individuals, including farmers and traders, who meet our terms and conditions.

Farming Loan

Vortex's Farming Loan aims to provide timely funds to farmers to meet all their cultivation, farm maintenance, and investment needs.

Small Business Loan

Vortex Investment PLC offers small business loans for start-ups or expands the business with hassle-free documentation, and flexible repayment tenures.

Factoring Loan

Vortex's Factoring Loan allows the customers to secure Business Capital using the unpaid, outstanding invoice as collateral.

Gold Loan

A Gold loan or a loan against gold is a secured loan that can avail from Vortex's Investment PLC in lieu of gold ornaments like gold jewelry.

Property Loan

Vortex's Property Loans offers a secured loan availing against mortgage of immovable property with minimum paper works and hassle-free process.


Fixed Deposit

Vortex's fixed deposit is the safest investment option that guarantees consistent returns on investment, special benefits for children, various tenure options with No Market risk.

Mutual Funds

Vortex Investment PLC is the one of leading Mutual funds and Investing organizations in Sri Lanka. Vortex's Mutual Fund is centered on seeking consistent and long-term returns.


The Capital Vortex Investment PLC is divided into shares. Buying shares of Vortex implies, that the investor owns the part of the organization is equivalent to the percentage of shares that the Shareholder has purchased.